Solomon’s Advice

frontcover ebook versionProverbs, the pithy lines that sum up a problem and a solution, a situation and an explanation in a few words exist in every culture. The origin’s of most are lost to the fog of history. They are, however, universal.

Every culture has its own colorful comments about life and living. The Bible’s Book of Proverbs contain King Solomon’s observations and have been preserved for us through the centuries. As a pastor and counselor, I regularly and consistently referred to the Proverbs to help my parishioners understand and respond to life as they lived it. Not so suprisingly, the ancient words of a ruling monarch still find resonance in todays irreverent and democaratic world.

The proverbs as presented in the Bible can be difficult to access simply because they are arranged randomly. I first developed a topical reference for my benefit and that of my parishioners. First published in 1984 in response to demand by many, this new revised version is easier to access. A cross-referenced index helps the reader find just the right proverb for just the right topic.

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