Shadows at Moonrise Bay

Out of the shadows of the past comes a tale of secrets laid bare and consequences come calling.

Shadows coverPower, money, and religion can be a deadly mix as Mark Recusanto quickly discovers. Mark is the conference coordinator for a prominent religious mission society. Next in line to become the director, he is dealt a losing hand by sly and conniving Roger Cromwell, the founder. But at a winter religious retreat on a Caribbean island, Mark uncovers shady deals and abusive acts of power that soon turn to death and treachery. In steps detective Pedro Wong, who discovers the secrets in the shadows.

Death at Moonrise Bay is a tale of a man’s exploitation of power and his desperate acts to hide the secrets that could destroy him and all he has built. When they come to light, the shadows from which they emerge reveal a widening circle of accomplices. The story uncovers the means a polished religious professional uses to convince his followers he is something he is not and how someone had finally had enough.

Praise for Shadows at Moonrise Bay

“Couldn’t put it down! Took it to work, hastened through my rounds so I could squeeze out reading time just to find out what happened next!” DF

“It’s a page turner. I couldn’t stop!” SG

About the Author

Beginning his career as a trainer and consultant in the non-profit sector, Jack Dunigan’sJack Dunigan rich multi-cultural , international experience adds depth and color to his stories. A non-fiction author for years, Jack is a crossover writer of murder and mystery. An  avid fan of cozies, his first mystery echoes the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Using a personable and informal writing style, he owns three blogs and writes for three more. He resides now in Southwest Florida with his wife of more than 40 years.

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